Name: Vincent Burger, Goldsmith - Designer - Jewelry Artist
Born, 18 November 1977 in Amsterdam.  Raised in Z.O.Beemster
Son of Anneke and Jaap Burger, brother of Raymond.

Vincent Burgers love for the profession of goldsmith came at age of twelve.
Creativity is in the family sins he whas born. Grew up with drawing at home, the young artist soon wanted to do something with creating. At that time, the young Dutchman was to young to go to the Vocational School for silver and goldsmiths. He attended the Technical Training KTS “Fine Metal” which formed the basis for his career as a designer. From the first year of vocational school Goldsmiths Amsterdam Vincent worked at various jewelers. He completed the course "goldsmiths" and in Schoonhoven training "Design" in 2000. 

In 2003 he founded his own company under the name "Vincent Burger Design".

In his workshop in “Purmerend - North Holland” designs for jewelry and decorative objects are made  such as steel wall sculptures and small objects on a table. "I make personalized jewelry that does not exist and if someone asks me to design a ring that person can count on a unique specimen."   My target audience are the people who want personal jewelry and know the value of the craftsmanship that has been done to.

My work gives a statement instead of an autonomous value.
The form is the main issue and the jewelry becomes a concept.
With a distinctive style is a jewel for me a form of creative expression of emotion. The processing of sensation in design and color associated with the emotional value of the clients gives so much satisfaction. I like to make jewelry to fit a personality !  The ideas for the designs are created from the inspiration I get from shapes around me, exotic films, special buildings, historical books, maps and even a line of light.

"Jewelry from the future with a visual history!
Personal jewelry with a story. "

"The Moment"
A moment of time,
A time or space,
A space of moments,
The moment Itself.


TEL.: +31 (0)6-15523801